Every now and then, you need a refresh. This blog’s been through a few refreshes in identity. It started off as Arrakis, an ode to the fictional desert planet from the Dune novels. It then became; which it still is. But doesn’t say as much as it needs to, and that’s why it’s getting a bit of an upgrade in what it stands for. The old url still exists, but the new one’s the one you should bookmark – a modern world driven to dialectical extremes and a multitude of dissonant micro-narratives, the pursuit of awesomeness is not the silver bullet to make a change – mediocrity has its own way of self-sustenance and achieving success too. The pursuit of awesomeness is, however, a call to arms for anyone who wants to do more with their life.This blog will to a large extent take over from the material I used to post on Facebook along with the stuff I’d post here anyways.Drop in a line, and say hi. If you’d like me to cover any ideas that exude awesomeness to you, email me at aditya [at] thepursuitofawesomeness [dot] com, or ping me on any of the social networks listed at