[awesomeness] is the precession of simulacra

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.


What is real?

Where does what we define as real come from? Is it something tangible? Something you witnessed? A part of your memory? What is memory, when what you witnessed never happened. Baudrillard years ago noted that photographing an object makes the object itself cease to exist in the tangible, but endure in memory.

The modern world is defined by images and light whirling into a bricolage of experience – some real, some unreal. Was it real if you were never there? As technology speeds up even faster, building different levels of interaction with the image, as the interfaces of interaction with the real world change, where do we go next?

Design has the power to inspire, the creation of the complete and perfect image precedes the creation of the complete and perfect object. The map truly does precede the territory.

The video is the proof of photography through anti-photography. The image is not real, but made. Take a look at it yourself, and tell me what part of it is real. Only one element is. Fitting, really.

The cycle is nearing completion. Time for history to hit that refresh button.