Skills of the rockstar planner – PSFK

Piers Fawkes and PSFK came up with this set of videos some time ago. Just posting them here before I forget about them.


1. Intuitive Problem Solving:



2. Communicating Ideas:



3. Insatiable Curiosity:



4. Understanding the human condition:



5. Rolling up your sleeves:


Halo:Reach / Deliver Hope

The latest installment in the Halo series is here.


Deliver Hope



Here’s a recap on what we’ve had so far:


Birth of a Spartan



We are ODST








Dieter Rams on Good Design

Good design is innovative

Good design makes a product useful

Good design is aesthetic

Good design helps us understand a product

Good design is unobtrusive

Good design is honest

Good design is long-lasting

Good design is consequent to the last detail

Good design is concerned with the environment

Good design is as little design as possible

[awesomeness] is chasing daylight / the new normal

This is a presentation I wrote a while back – maybe two years ago, or thereabouts.

It was a reflection on where advertising – the best of it – is going – and the deeper human truths behind it.

Finally getting around to putting it up here. Enjoy, etc.

where lies [awesomeness] in the new World?

A short presentation I wrote.

The World is changing at a pace we can’t fathom. And the ones to inherit it – Millennials – Generations Y and Z – are learning to cope with it – the loss of old identities, the creation of new identities – in different ways. What drives them? What makes them tick? What do they want from life.

This is the first draft of what is a (very large) work in progress. But if you’re looking for an answer, you might as well start here.

How do you understand the new emerging World – a World where identity is a function of not where you came from, but where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, who you’ve spoken to, what you’ve touch-felt-tasted-heard-experienced.

[awesomeness] is trying to build a better world

So for the uniitiated, Saatchi and Saatchi created this competition called “The Impossible Brief” – aimed to look at different ways to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict. Their site is here; their facebook page is here.And this is my entry: