More on WikiLeaks, Truth and Transparency.

Finally got down to watching this documentary on WikiLeaks: 


and in case you’re interested, the note I wrote on WikiLeaks earlier this month here on The Next Great Generation:

It’s still hard for me to fathom the stupidity of people trying to shut WikiLeaks down – or those who believe that the data it reveals – look at the videos in the documentary, for example.

Most of the people reading this – or a large part of the people who are in uproar – live in reasonably democratic and liberal societies – that the can vent on the internet or heard on TV is a low-level proof of that. The World needs more freedom of information – and anyone who’s standing in the way, or preventing that from happening – is aiding and abetting the arrest and murder of the hard-fought freedom and liberty our very forefathers fought for, and enshrined in our constitutions.

The liberty of the people supersedes the “image” of any given government. Governments exist to serve and preserve the freedom of its populace – not compromise it in order to defend itself. And a government that exists to perpetuate itself is irrelevant to its own populace. Same for businesses that are getting in the way of order here.

My only complaint with WikiLeaks is that they aren’t publishing such data for ALL governments, around the World, just yet. More transparency, please. You’re going to be stuck in regression, you’re going to be living a lie, until you point out that the emperor has no clothes.