Woz on what makes Apple “human”

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“The distinction between technology and humanoids. Who’s more important: Human or the technology? We had a gentleman, classical musician, that came to Apple to talk to Steve Jobs and myself in the garage. He told us that when you build a piece of technology you get to put a lot of work into it – software and hardware – to make it natural and obvious and easy to use for a human being. Then you have priced the human being at the top of the chain. If you simply put in every feature in the world and every ability and let the human being modify their normalness to learn how to use it, you place the technology higher, as the master, and the human being more as a slave. Obviously, we think of the way we don’t want the human being to be the slave, we want the human being to be the master. We want to build things around the human being as though it was the center of the universe.”


2 thoughts on “Woz on what makes Apple “human”

  1. I attended a great talk with Wazniak last year and he said something that I can’t forget: it’s about time to stop making people adapt to machines and start adapting machines to people. Apple has done a great job doing that, for the most part.

  2. Loved that last year Jobs did that presentation on Apple as a co. at the intersection of tech and liberal arts. It’s the human bits that make it what it is. :)

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