I believe that at the heart of anything lies a powerful idea – be it by design or destiny. These ideas are invariably grounded in culture and a deeper mythology. The best ideas are aware of this immersion. They become cultural artifacts and mythologies within themselves. They are capable of transmission, interpretation, and renewal – and have the power to change the World.

That’s where I come in, to connect the dots, to make things happen.

Kid in a candy store.

Fool on the hill.

Catcher in the rye.

At work I’m an anthropologist specializing in media and technology effects – and by extension having an obsessive fascination with the interlinks between ontology and technology.

And in life I’m somewhere between an Imagineer, Flaubert’s Flâneur, and Levi-Strauss’ Bricoleur.

Find me around the web at adityaanupkumar.com