It’s writing like this that made @ebertchicago my favorite film critic:

Tell me you love me. I love you. Tell me you dont. I dont love you.

By the time this exchange takes place, deep inside Michelangelo Antonionis “LAvventura,” the conversation has nothing to do with love. It is more like an attempt to pass the time–like a game of solitaire, or flipping a coin. There is not even the possibility that the characters are in love, can love, have loved, will love.

via LAvventura Movie Review & Film Summary 1960 | Roger Ebert.

on creeping death

Came across Lovecraft by chance; and followed a trail back to an old Metallica song. It’s always interesting to find the sources of inspiration for artists, musicians, writers, and so on.”That is not dead which can eternal lie,And with strange aeons even death may die.”
In this case, Metallica seem to have found inspiration from Lovecraft‘s work across many songs. Lovecraft had an oddly disturbing way of looking at the World, perhaps no less real than the framework that I, or any of us, for that matter may use. Only thing is, he seems to be coming to the same conclusion from the other side of a looking glass. Will explore his work more over this weekend, hopefully. “The thing that should not be,” Metallica